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When you put your name on something, you have to stand by it! For that reason, more than any other, is why Rasheed Philips studies and practices the craft of Barbeque.

Rasheed didn’t grow up cooking in the kitchen, but it also didn’t stop him from having a love for food. It’s that love, coupled with a passion for learning, separates Rasheed’s food from anything you’ve ever had before.

Philips Barbeque Co. is not glamorous and it's not a set it and forget it type cooking. Often times, it's back breaking work, which requires long hours, a steady trimming hand, and the determination to only put out a product you are proud of. Sauce is nice, but meat is king. You wouldn’t put A1 sauce on Wagyu, so why cover up more than 18 hours of Pecan and Hickory smoke with a sauce that takes away from the flavor of the meat? You wouldn’t and neither does Philips Barbeque Co.A



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